Maria From Hilltop Blondes

Written by Maria Cronin from Hilltop Blondes;

My name is Maria Cronin. I come from a small village in West Cork called Inchigeela! We have two commercial Blonde D’ Aquitaine herds. Whether you live on a farm or not most people have been to an agricultural show. Well that’s where it all begin for me, when I was a little girl walking after my granddad Michael Creed at Tullamore Show with my hand stuck in his pocket so he wouldn’t lose me! We were walking through the pedigree blonde section that’s when it came to me that I wanted to take part in the showing.

After that it took months of me nagging Grandad to let me take charge of the halters. From then on I got my hands dirty. We show pedigree and commercial blonde stock at shows all through the summer.

My grandfather my uncle Mick Jr and I start training the heifers in May to get them ready for Dunmanway show in early July. We have very early starts on the morning of shows as we are in west cork and most of the blonde cross classes are held all over Ireland.

The main events for us during the year are Tullamore Show, The ploughing championship and Carrick –On –Shannon winter fair. By attending these events we showcase what we have in store for upcoming sales at the end of the year and we also get our Herd names out there ‘’Derryleigh Blondes’’ ‘’Hilltop Blondes’’

With all the early mornings and long days I’ve learnt ’the more time you put in the more reward you receive at the end ’’ There’s no better feeling than being tapped out first on the day of a show. It’s the best feeling in the world.

It’s not all work you make friends for life from the top of Ireland in down to the Hills of West Cork we all stay in touch through the powers of social media. We bump into each other at least twice a month during the show season.

I am currently in fourth year and hope to persue a career in Agriculture. My hope is to go to College in UCD and study Agricultural Science.

The knowledge of the older generation is second to none. All my knowledge and wisdom came from one man and that’s my granddad and I’m so greatful for that!